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     ZHEJIANG YONGKANG SHIJING SCHOOL TOOLSCO.,LTD (formerly known as Yongkang Shizhu School Tools Factory), owns a full set of steel, wood school tools production lines, and spray-mold production lines, its products cover eight major series, offices, classrooms, restaurants, apartment buildings, laboratories, libraries, soft seats, and gymnasiums, and include about 100 varieties, they are sold well in the colleges and universities, primary and secondary schools and related enterprises and institutions in China.
      Our company will continuously adhere to taking technological progress as the guidance, implement quality standards and internal control standards related to each product manufacturing link strictly, and mix the superb technology and craft of hardware product manufacturing in the “Hundred Technology County”, Yongkang together to make the models of products newer, more beautiful, and more solid and durable. We can remove customers’ future troubles with high quality after-sale services while providing customers with quality products to ensure that they can have good returns from each investment. 

ADD:#7 Xingan Avenue Xialixi the pillars town,yongkang,zhejiang
Customer service:400-800-4475         
Web:www.cnshijing.com  www.yksjxj.com

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