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Desks and chairs in the panel material analysis

Desks and chairs is an important place for students to access to information and knowledge application, is to use production material needs to have a correct attitude to choose and make, can have a good product.


Desks and chairs desktop panel there are three kinds of commonly used materials, they are multilayer plywood, moulding board, joinery board.


Including multi-layer plywood generally have a three-ply board, five-layer plywood, nine plywood, etc., one is a layer. A layer thickness is 1 mm, each layer of wood into 90 ° vertically, increase the intensity of already so, also reduce the deformation, mainly use the outer surface, such as arc, good bending.


Moulding board is also called blister board, usually choose high quality MDF, after milling, sanding, on the surface by the principle of vacuum suction cover, the PVC membrane closely and form, has a good waterproof performance, environmental protection, modelling and color texture multiple advantages.


Joinery board common weighs big core board, is made up of two pieces of veneer splicing wood middle rubber pressure. Middle board is made of high quality natural wood after heat treatment, processing into a certain specifications of the wood, jointing machine stitching. Splicing board after the two sides each cover two layers of high quality veneer, then through after cold, hot press rubber pressure. Compared with particle board, medium density fiberboard (MDF), its natural lumber features more conform to the requirements of human nature. It is qualitative light, easy processing, good holding nail force, deformation, etc, is an ideal material to interior decoration and luxury furniture production.


Desktop panel alone have so much demand, the production of student desks and chairs, and is not a simple material for the will be able to gain the perfect effect.


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