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Countries have new request about the desks and chairs
National standards, guiding effect to the production of furniture. But because at present the majority of the furniture industry of the national standard service life is longer, to a certain extent, already cannot satisfy the requirement of furniture production, the function of school desks and chairs size standard (GB/T3976-2002) in this column.
The function of school desks and chairs size is on May 29, 2002, the state administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine issued, effective January 1, 2003. After 10 years of development, the size of the primary and middle school students and education system in our country has changed a lot, led to today's desks and chairs national standard is difficult to meet the actual demand.
"According to the national standard, the biggest model for no. 4 primary school desks and chairs, the corresponding students range is 150 cm - 164 cm tall and but we survey found that many grade 6 children now has more than 170 cm tall. If we are in strict accordance with the national standard to set the desks and chairs technical indicators, certainly does not conform to the actual demand, is also very bad for the growth of children." Next year, said the Hu Xiaojie, primary and secondary school students in zhejiang province building project will be on the basis of reference national standards, technical indicators of desks and chairs may be adjusted, ensure that let students take on more comfortable tables and chairs.
Apart from the height of desks and chairs, desks and other measures should also be adjusted. Such as desk drawer volume. Size according to the function of school desks and chairs, desk drawer height is 10 centimeters, the figures show, 98.5% of the students reflect the volume is too small a desk drawer. Books more because it is over, and the bag more hard material production, bag can plug into the drawer.
Also, the performance of activities of desk and chair is poor, now the school teaching methods more flexible, interactive classroom teaching form is more and more get the favour of teachers and students, but move the desks and chairs, interactive teaching mode is restricted.
The function of school desks and chairs size set, is to allow enterprises to produce more meets the needs of student desks and chairs. In the student body under the background of continually changing, gb also need to keep pace with The Times, otherwise not only lost its original meaning, also will be harmful to the physical and mental health of students.

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