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The auditorium chair fixed methods
The auditorium chairs, most by the chair seat, chair, armrest and stand feet four parts. Usually stand feet and armrest is a solid installation armrest frame, structure for steel structure or commonly gangsu structure.
ShiXuan seat introduce you to the auditorium chair fixed methods:
1. The concrete: direct use percussion drill hole, embedded pull blasting nut;
2. Ceramic tile, marble, with glass drilling first punch to the cement floor, reoccupy impact drill hole, embedded la explosion screw mother;
3. The wood floor: use wood drilling drilling, embed pull blasting impact drill hole nut;
4. Steel and steel plate: first use electric drill to drill directly after 3-4 mm holes on, buy self tapping screw/iron screw, the plate is 30 ~ 40 mm enough can directly benefit, buy self tapping screw fixed on the straight.

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