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Seating when the choose and buy should pay attention to the following points
Seating should facilitate maintenance and cleaning, when using, should be comfortable, make the person is not easy to fatigue. So how do you meet the above requirements: when the choose and buy should pay attention to the following points:
One, the height of your armrest, width, depth and Angle should be reasonable.
Seating armrest generally adopt aluminum alloy material or stainless steel, polishing after getting large precision casting mold die-casting molding in powder spraying or plating surface. Plating effect is better. The armrest of inappropriate height can lead to shoulder fatigue quickly. In addition to the height of the armrest, armrest pad width, depth and Angle in fact and maintain a comfortable posture also has a lot to do, when we read the newspapers, file or on the handrail of the arms are often slightly outward kai-cheng zhang eight word so that the reading materials.
Second, breathable fabric material, comfortable chair face of ventilation safety material is very important.
Before chair face to choose the appropriate material, we first need to study the human body temperature humidity comfort related requirements. Seating when the ambient temperature is neutral, the human body would feel comfortable, the body keep thermal equilibrium with the external environment, neither sweating, nor too cold. When this balance is broken, the body through the chills to generate more heat, or by sweat will heat in the form of evaporation eduction body outside, therefore, can be appropriate to maintain body temperature or timely send out quantity of heat has become an important measure chair facing material.
Of the three, seating plate: general use 1.8 MM or 1.5 MM thick imported cold plate cleaning after treatment with electrostatic powder spraying. If you want to add leather cushion with imitation leather and leather cushion. In addition, also see seating metal parts is strong, try the best to sit, seating comfort, make the person is not easy to fatigue.

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