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Desks and chairs need to have several factors
Student desks and chairs is that we now one of the most important part of school education facilities, also is the indispensable furniture, in the classroom for countries now require a measure of improvement of school desks and chairs, school principal and how to go shopping instead?
1. Moisture, water resistant
Considering the children cleaning, clean the desks and chairs, come into contact with the water of the opportunity is often the case. Due to the children's physical strength, most will have desks and surface water, so water resistance is more important at this time.
2. The flame retardant
This is a very important characteristic, especially for the senior physical chemistry course, student desks and chairs of the flame retardant performance and effective to prevent the happening of the fire.
3. Not nail, guided round edge
The nature of the children is to play, hard to avoid in the chase chase play knock against, student desks and chairs furniture details at this time is very important, not nail, guided round edge can effectively ensure the safety of students.
4. The ratio of
School scholastic furniture purchase, often hundreds of thousands of sets of student desks and chairs, it's a big money, buy the furniture price is also one very important factor.

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